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Disney Cartoons:
American Dragon: Jake Long
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers
Doc McStuffins
Famous Five on the Case
Handy Manny
Higglytown Heroes
House of Mouse
Huntik: Secrets and Seekers
Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Kim Possible
Lilo & Stitch
Little Einsteins
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Monster Allergy
My Friends, Tigger and Pooh
Phineas and Ferb
Quack Pack
Sofia the First
Special Agent Oso
The Emperors New School
The Fairly Odd Parents
The Raccoons
The Replacements



I've made a list of all your favorite Disney Cartoons, all in one place, for you to enjoy. Which ones are exactly Disney cartoons? Have a look at this list and find out.

Walt Disney was the creator of all things Disney. He has started a legend which lives on today. The artists of Disney cartoons keeps this legend alive.

Let's honor this tradition and have fun with these cartoons.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Disney Cartoons: Jake, Izzy and Cubby 
This story is modeled after the famous Peter Pan and captain Hook.

The series focuses on a young band of pirates, Jake, Izzy and Cubby with their parrot Skully. Every episode they compete against Captain Hook and Mr. Smee for treasure. They also have a living pirate ship called Bucky who also helps with their quests.
Disney Cartoons: Jake, Izzy and Cubby with their Team Treasure Chest 

Jake has a wooden sword, given to him by Peter Pan. Izzy has a bag of Pixie dust given to her by Tinker Bell, and Cubby has a map of Never Land
Disney Cartoons: Captain Hook chasing Jake 
The three friends goes on a quest to find treasure or the like. Captain Hook usually watches them and then steals their treasure after they have gotten it. Then the friends has to solve different tasks or puzzles upon which they receive "gold doubloons".

At the end of an episode they put all their gold doubloons in their Team Treasure Chest, hidden beneath the sand.

This is a great animation for your little ones. It's interactive and very educational.

Sofia the First

Sofia the First and animal friends 
This series is about Ariel Winter who is Sofia, a young girl who
Sofia the First and her Princess Friends 
 becomes a princess when her mother, called Miranda, marries King Roland II of the kingdom of Enchancia.

She learns a lot of new things like how to adjust to royal life. With the help of Flora, Fauna and Merryweather (fairies of the kingdom), who are in charge of the Royal Preparatory Academy, Sofia learns that looking like a princess is not all that hard, but behaving like one must come from the heart.
Sofia the First speaking to her animal friends 

She got an incredibly powerful magical Amulet of Avalor around her neck. This amulet grants her the ability to talk to and understand animals and summon her princess friends in case she needs help with something. The Evil Sorcerer, Cedric desires the amulet for himself so that he can use the amulet's great power and become king.

Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins and friends 
Here we have a six-year-old girl who can "fix" toys, with a little help from her stuffed animal friends. 

Dottie "Doc" McStuffins, one day decides
she wants to become a doctor like her mother Myiesha. She pretends to be a doctor by fixing toys and dolls. When Dottie puts on her stethoscope, she becomes Doc McStuffins and all the toys, dolls, and stuffed animals magically come to life and then she can talk to them.

With a help from her stuffed animal - Stuffy, Hallie, Lambie and Chilly - Dottie helps the toys "feel better" by giving them check-ups and diagnosing their illnesses with "The Big Book of Boo Boos".

Doc McStuffins don't just heal toys, she also gives advice to viewers about staying healthy.


Zou running 
Zou is about a young zebra called Bizou, but his friends and family calls him Zou. Zou lives with his parents, grandparents and his great-grandmother.
Zou at breakfast 

He can always count on his family when he has a problem. Whether it's a problem with his friends, a family member or if he just needs a good fun thing to do.

Quack Pack

Disney Cartoons: Quack Pack 1

Disney Cartoons: Quack Pack 2

Disney Cartoons: Quack Pack 3
  Quack Pack is an animated television series made by The Walt Disney Company. These Disney cartoons centers on the adventures of Donald Duck and his nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, who are portrayed as teenagers in this series for the first and last time. They speak in conventional voices, unlike the "duck"-like voices they possessed in earlier cartoons such as in Duck Tales. They each have their own distinct personalities and they also participate in typical teenage activities.

Daisy Duck is the girlfriend of Donald and is a reporter for a news program called “What in the World”, with Donald serving as her cameraman. Quack Pack also takes place in Duckburg.

Scrooge McDuck, the Money Bin, Launchpad McQuack, Gyro Gearloose, Doofus Drake, Bubba the Caveduck, Mrs. Beakley, Webby, Flintheart Glomgold, the Beagle Boys, Magica DeSpell, Duckworth, and GizmoDuck are completely absent from this series, and no explanation is given for their absence.

While Quack Pack was based on the comics and Duck Tales, many people complained there were too many differences. In the comics and Duck Tales there were no humans but in Quack Pack, most of Duckburg's population was human.

In spite of all the criticism, I still enjoy Quack Pack!

The Replacements

Disney Cartoons: The Replacements 1

Disney Cartoons: The Replacements 2

Disney Cartoons: The Replacements 3
  The Replacements, another one of the Disney cartoons, is noted for its roster of celebrity guest stars, including High School Musical star Zac Efron, Cory in the House star Jason Dolley, Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright, Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus and Sonny With a Chance star Doug Brochu. Also Ed Begley Jr., Josh Duhamel, Gilbert Gottfried, Tim Gunn, and Carson Palmer playing themselves.

The opening sequence shows that siblings Todd and Riley lived what seem to be their entire lives in an orphanage, with no explanation of what happened to their birth parents. While cleaning the floors, they stumbled across a Fleemco comic book. They mail-ordered a Fleemco phone (which allows them to replace any person or animal they desire) and in the process they got new parents: a female British secret agent named Agent K and a professional daredevil named Dick Daring.

Whenever Todd and Riley want to replace someone, they call Conrad Fleem on the Fleemco phone by pressing a large button on the phone. Fleemco immediately replaces the person with someone to the liking of Todd and Riley.

The series follows their chaotic misadventures as they use Fleemco to attempt to better their lives in nearly every problematic situation they encounter.

Famous Five on the Case

Disney Cartoons: Famous 5 on the Case 1

Disney Cartoons: Famous 5 on the Case 2 
  Famous 5: On The Case, one of the Disney cartoons, is an animated television series. It is loosely based on The Famous Five series of books created by Enid Blyton.

Jo, Max Allie and Dylan, like their parents before them, are accompanied by a pet dog named Timmy and they embark on a new series of adventures. During these adventures the new Famous Five are able to make use of newer technology such as laptop computers and mobile phones which had not been invented in their parents' day.  Jo Mischwa, is the daughter of George Kirrin who like her mother before her is a tomboy and prefers to shorten her name to a more masculine form. She is of Anglo-Indian descent, her father is a man named Ravi who George met in the Himalayas.

Max Kirrin
is the son of Julian Kirrin, an adrenaline junkie, who enjoys sports such as mountain biking and skateboarding.  Allie Campbell is the daughter of Anne Kirrin. Allie, who was born in California before moving to Falcongate, is a happy shopaholic and who uses her cellphone to stay in contact with America. Dylan Kirrin is the son of Dick Kirrin, a fan of gadgets and aspiring entrepreneur who likes to look for ways to make money. Timmy is The Famous Five's trusty pet dog.


Disney Cartoons: Recess 1

Disney Cartoons: Recess 2
  Recess, another one of the Disney cartoons, is an American animated television series that was created by Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere, and produced by Walt Disney Television Animation.

Recess portrays the lives of six fourth graders as they go about their daily lives in a highly clichéd school environment. The students of Third Street School have set up a microcosm of traditional human society complete with its own government, class system, and set of unwritten laws.

They are ruled by a monarch, King Bob, who has various enforcers to make sure his decrees are carried out. The little society has a long list of rigid values and social norms that imposes a high expectation of conformity upon all the students.

The main characters include Theodore Jasper "T.J." Detweiler as the main protagonist. He is the ringleader of his five best friends. He usually spends time planning pranks against the teachers at which he is quite talented. Vincent Pierre "Vince" LaSalle - Vince is African American and the most athletic student at Third Street School. Ashley Funicello Spinelli is a wrestling fan and is Italian American. Although small for her age, Spinelli is a huge tomboy.

Gretchen Priscilla Grundler  is an academically talented and extremely intelligent student, known as "Smart Girl" on the playground. Michael "Mikey" Blumberg is a chunky, mild mannered, and philosophical 10-year old. Gustav Patton "Gus" Griswald is a new student in Third Street Elementary. Gus is usually naive to the rules of the playground and its traditions.

Brandy and Mr. Whiskers

Disney Cartoons: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers 1
Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, one of the Disney cartoons, is an American animated television series about a snobbish dog and a hyperactive rabbit that get stuck in the Amazon Rainforest together.

Disney Cartoons: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers 2
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers start getting acquainted as they began their new lives in the Amazon Rainforest. They build a tree house to live in, using debris that fell out the plane's cargo compartment... along with them. A big part of the series is Brandy's desperation to getting back to her home in Palm Beach, Florida. In the meantime, both she and Mr. Whiskers adapt by exploring the environment and making friends with the native animals.

Disney Cartoons: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers 4
Brandy makes attempts to get the jungle to become a civilized society by introducing elements such as fashion, hygiene and shiny rocks, their type of currency. Mr. Whiskers prefers to mix things up by using the powers of invention and imagination to occupy his time, but it usually causes havoc in the jungle. This affects his popularity.

As Brandy and Mr. Whiskers get more settled in the jungle, a lot of changes are put in order. They redecorated the tree house by giving the interior a more "homely environment", which includes flowery wallpaper, tasteful décor and an indoor bathroom. The native animals have also become more anthropomorphic as they have now established a new market economy in the Amazon.

Disney Cartoons: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers 5
The main characters are Brandy Harrington and Mr. Whiskers. Other characters include Cheryl and Meryl who are cute, twin toucan sisters that have a grudge against one another. Ed who is a river otter who is quite dull in his personality and his ability to speak, though he is often a tome of knowledge in the Amazon; he knows quite a lot about many different things.

Disney Cartoons: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers 3
Lola Boa is a pink and purple-striped boa constrictor and often the voice of reason amongst Brandy's friends. Margo is a stick bug who is above Brandy in the social chain of the Amazon Rainforest. Gaspar Le Gecko who is the self-appointed dictator/entrepreneur/musical director of the Amazon Rainforest.

I sure enjoy this one of Disney cartoons. 

Phineas and Ferb

Disney Cartoons: Phineas and Ferb 
Phineas and Ferb, another one of the Disney cartoons, is an American Disney Cartoons television series and created by Dan Povenmire and Jeff Marsh. This series is about two suburban stepbrothers, Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher, who live in the city of Danville, Virginia, on summer vacation.

Each day the pair devises ambitious, elaborate plans and inventions to defeat their boredom, often bringing them into conflict with their snoopy sister, Candice, who is obsessed with busting their schemes and ideas, and usually calls their mother to report the boy's activities.

The cartoon is divided into two plots, A: the two boys spending their summer vacation and B: that of their pet platypus, Perry, acting as a secret agent for the all-animal government organization O.W.C.A. (Organization Without a Cool Acronym) to fight an evil scientist named Heinz Doofenschmirtz.

The Fairly Odd Parents

Disney Cartoons: Timmy and his Fairy parents 
The Fairly Odd Parents, one of the Disney cartoons, is an American television series created by Butch Hartman. This cartoon is about the adventures of Timmy Turner, who is granted fairy parents named Cosmo and Wanda.

Timmy Turner is a short, buck-toothed boy of ten, with a pink cap who lives in Dimmsdale, a small suburban town with his silly parents. His life is constantly miserable, due to the fact that his parents are never home. He has a babysitter called Vicky, who is an incredibly mean and nasty teenager. But everything changes for Timmy when he receives two fairy parents named Cosmo and his wife, Wanda.

Disney Cartoons: The Fairly Odd Parents 
Timmy learns that his fairy parents are capable of granting him any wish he wants within certain limits. However, Timmy's immature nature causes him to sometimes ask for wishes that unintentionally result in disaster and he and his fairy parents must find a way to "unwish" the wish.

The Legend of Tarzan

Disney Cartoons: Tarzan

Disney Cartoons: Tarzan and Jane
  Tarzan, one of the most famous Disney cartoons, is a fictional character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, who first wrote a novel about Tarzan. This then later became film, and a television series.

Tarzan is the son of a British Lord and Lady who were marooned on the East coast of Africa by mutineers. Tarzan was a year old, his mother died of natural causes, and his father was killed by Kerchak, leader of the ape tribe into which Tarzan was adopted. Kerchak's tribe of apes is known as the Mangani, Great Apes of a species unknown to science. Kala is his ape mother.

Tarzan, which in ape-language means white-skin, is his ape name, but as a human his English name is John Clayton, Lord Greystoke. As a young adult, he meets a young American woman named Jane Porter, with whom he fell in love with and married eventually, who, along with her father and others of their party were searching for evidence of these Great Apes.

The television series revolves around Tarzan, Jane and her farther, and Tarzans’ two best friends, Tantor (a scared elephant) and Turk (a female, but tough, ape), and their adventure in the forest as they help the animals.

Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Disney Cartoons: Lilo and Stitch 
An all time favorite which is also one of the Disney cartoons which has been turned into a television series.

This Disney Cartoon is about Dr. Jumba Jookiba who created illegal genetic experiments, from which experiment 626, or rather Stitch, escaped to earth.

On earth, Hawaii, he was adopted by a little girl, Lilo, who lives with her big sister, Nani.

The animation created for television, is about the adventures of Lilo and Stitch as they catch and convert (to doing good) all the other experiments that went astray.

Jumba and Bleakly also lives with Lilo, Stitch and Nani, since they have been exiled to earth.

The Emperor's New School

Disney Cartoons: Kronk, Kuzco and Melina 
The Emperor's New School, another one of the Disney cartoons, is an American television series and aired on the Disney Cartoons Channel in 2006.

It is based on the animation “The Emperor’s New Groove” and follows the adventures of a young emperor, Kuzco, as he tries to complete his education, allowing him to return to the throne.

Kuzco is in his teenage years and emperor. But his former advisor, Yzma, plots against him and he is forced by law to graduate from Kuzco Academy in order to stay emperor. Of course Yzma and her unintelligent assistant, Kronk, tries to get Kuzco to fail at school.

This Disney cartoons series revolves around Kuzco and his days at school. Here he has a huge crush, which he doesn’t keep a secret, on Malina, a fellow student of great intelligence, but Malina doesn’t share these feelings.

House Of Mouse

Disney Cartoons: Mickey Mouse and friends 
House Of Mouse is a night club that Mickey Mouse and his friends run in downtown Toontown, which shows Disney cartoons as part of its floor show. Many characters from the Disney animated films, such as Aladdin, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Hercules, and basically any other Disney character you can think of, have appeared on House Of Mouse, mostly as guests and attendees.

Mickey is the club's owner, while Minnie manages the finances and show production. Donald Duck is the greeter and co-owner of House Of Mouse. Daisy Duck is the reservation clerk, with Goofy as the head waiter and Pluto as the mascot.

Disney Cartoons: Mickey in action 
Other staff members include Horace Horsecollar as the mechanical technician, Gus Goose as the chef, Clarabelle Cow as the gossip columnist and Max Goof as the parking valet driver. The House Of Mouse also has a musical band consisting of Huey, Dewey and Louie.

Pete is the club’s greedy landlord, who often attempts to shut the club down for his own personal gain by sabotaging the show, since Mickey's contract states that the club stays open only as long as the show goes on.

Each episode is about the comic mishaps of Mickey and associates running the club, who are used as wraparounds for Disney cartoons, some of which are classic theatrical cartoons.

Kim Possible

Disney Cartoons: Kim Possible

Disney Cartoons: Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable
Kim Possible, one of the Disney cartoons, is an American animated television series about a teenage crime fighter who has the task of dealing with worldwide, family, and school issues every day.

The show is action-oriented, but also has a light-hearted atmosphere feel and often makes fun of the conventions and clichés of the secret-agent and action genres. This cartoon series revolves around the life of Kimberly Ann Possible, a junior adventurer who deals with both super-villains trying to take over the world and her own school life without actually living a double life.

Her lifetime friend Ron Stoppable and Ron's pet naked mole rat, Rufus, are Kim’s sidekicks. They are backed up by Wade, a ten-year-old genius who gives Kim her equipment and missions and almost never leaves his room. Kim lives in a normal town named "Middleton", and while the series revolves mostly around Kim’s fight against her enemies, she usually also has to deal with problems in her own daily life as a cheerleading teenager.

The main villain of Kim Possible, or KP (as Ron calls her) is Dr. Drakken assisted by his henchwoman Shego. Other commonly seen KP foes are Monkey Fist, Duff Killigan, Senor Senior, Sr. and Jr. and Professor Dementor.

Huntik : Secrets and Seekers

Disney Cartoons: Huntik - Lok Lambert

Disney Cartoons: Huntik - Secrets and Seekers 2

Disney Cartoons: Huntik - Secrets and Seekers 3
  Huntik: Secrets & Seekers is an Italian animated series created and directed by Iginio Straffi.

Huntik is an action and adventure show about a group of seekers traveling around the globe in search of ancient amulets that can invoke different types of monsters.

Long before our times, humanity fought against an evil of unimaginable power. The darkness was broken only by the Seekers, humans able to invoke legendary creatures (the Titans) into their own plane of existence. With the Titans executing their every order, the first Seekers, the Casterwills, fought against the dark forces of the underworld and against themselves.

Centuries went by, and one by one, the Titans were hidden: some were buried following grueling battles, others merely forgotten as time passed. The magical and powerful creatures lie hidden and dormant in the most remote parts of the earth, waiting to be awakened by a new and bold group of Seekers.

After centuries, the Seekers divided themselves into chapters in order to find traces and clues of past and extinct populations in order to reveal the mystery of the Titans.

The Huntik Foundation searching for these answers will travel from the tip of the South American continent to Europe, from North America to African terrains. Only the most worthy of Seekers are able to evoke the Titans and benefit from their unbelievable powers. But there are those who plot in the shadows. A secret Organization led by the Professor wants to possess the Titan’s powers for his own evil plans.

Monster Allergy

Disney Cartoons: Monster Allergy 1

Disney Cartoons: Monster Allergy 2

Disney Cartoons: Monster Allergy 3
Disney Cartoons: Monster Allergy 4
Monster Allergy is a 2005 animated television series, jointly produced by Rainbow S.p.A., Futurikon, RAI Fiction and ZDF. Monster Allergy is based on the international best-selling comic book series of the same name. The series follows 12-year-old Zick who suffers from allergies and discovers that he has the ability to see the invisible, supernatural monsters that live among us. Along with help of his best friend Elena and his talking cat, Timothy, Zick hopes to hone his powers to one day become a Monster Tamer just like his dad.

The Tamer are Human Beings with very special powers; their main characteristic is the The Dom, a vast energy that is passed from parent to child. With the passing of the generations, powers and knowledge are passed on which lead to real dynasties of Monster Tamers.

The five Dom powers are: Sight Dom - the ability to see monsters and ghosts that are invisible to ordinary people. Voice Dom - the ability to force monsters and phantoms to do what tamers say. Gesture Dom - the power to control monsters by gesture, and to capture them in a Dombox. Enviro Dom - the ability to create an environment to be able to survive in an unfamiliar environment, and which also functions as a force field. Energy Dom - the ability to release an energy ray that affects monsters, dark phantoms and even ordinary things, but not witches.

The Dom Items are valuable items for the Tamers that are given by the Tutors due to the experience of the Tamers.
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